“Connect – Have fun – Spread”
In the heart of Kawagoe, Saitama, “Chabudai” offers a place for gathering, meeting, and conversation. Chabudai (“low dining table” in Japanese) is a place where a family gathers around to have meals.
Our house is located in Sankubocho, which is famous for the historic warehouse district.
Together with friends, we renovated a historic Japanese house with over 100 years of history.
We hope to connect travelers, neighbors, and passers-by to nice places and shops in town, and share the history and traditions of the city. Chabudai connects everyone and everything that crosses paths with us.

We welcome travelers like you with open arms. We do not simply offer accommodation.
We help you to maximize your experience in Kawagoe through our local connections!
All the great restaurants in the neighborhood are our dining table. Sento (Japanese public bath) is our bathroom. Local theater is our TV. The numerous temples and shrines are our backyard. Enjoy morning coffee in a café near our house. Have lunch at a local diner. Stroll alleyways to look for cute little shops, and spend the afternoon watching a film. After taking a bath at a Sento, stop by an Izakaya bar to have a drink. Talk with other guests about your day when you come back to Chabudai.
The entire town of Kawagoe is a part of the Chabudai experience.
We hope to offer you the best experience, ever!
Café Space
The entrance area with “doma” (Japanese earthen floor) offers a café lounge and welcomes visitors.
During the day, we offer a take-out menu such as freshly made sandwiches
with locally produced seasonal ingredients.
You are welcome to enjoy food & drink in the small seating area inside, or in the wooden deck on the patio.
In the evening, it transforms into a casual bar lounge.
We look forward to having you here!

Closed on Wednesdays
We may be closed on a different day of the week due to circumstances.

Café Time

Café Menu
Non-alcoholic Drink of the Season

Bar Time
18:00-22:00 (Last Call at 21:45)

Bar Menu
Sake (Japanese Rice Wine)
Highball (Whiskey & Soda)
Smoked food (random ingredients)
Accommodation Facilities
We have 2 types of rooms (dormitory and private). The showers, toilets, wash-basins, and kitchen are shared by all guests. Noise transmits very easily in our historical wooden house (over 100 years old!).
We ask for your consideration of other guests after the lights-out time.
Mixed Dormitory, Female Dormitory, and Private Room are available.
Mixed Dormitory (Capacity: 8 people)
The large dormitory located on the ground floor. Bedside-lighting, electric outlet, and USB port are available by each bed.
There is a safety box in which you can store items such as a laptop(about 13 inch).
Relax and enjoy your stay. It is indeed lovely to wake up to the morning sunshine through the window.
Female Dormitory (Capacity: 4 people)
The female Dormitory is on the second floor at the end of the hallway. Bedside-lighting, electric outlet, and USB port are available by each bed.
Relax in this lovely room with large decorated windows, small balcony, and a tiny oval chabudai.
* Female Dormitory may be reserved for a family or group. Please contact us for further information.
Private Room (for 1-3 guests)
The private room is a traditional Japanese room on the second floor. You will sleep on a Futon (Japanese-style bed) in this room. It has an alcove, windows with wooden latticework and decorations. Open-timbered high ceilings give you a sense of openness and a feeling of being at home.
Available Facilities
Shower rooms
Toilets (Western Style)
Kitchen (Flat top electric stove / Electric
hot-water pot / Microwave / Refrigerator)
Washer (100 yen/load)
WiFi available in all areas
Available Toiletries
Cotton buds
Rental Items
Wash towels
Bath towels
Lounge Space
There are two little lounge areas – “Guest Lounge” and “Public Lounge”. Guest Lounge is exclusively for guests staying at Chabudai. Public Lounge is open to the public.

Guest Lounge has a kitchen exclusively for the guests staying at Chabudai. You can cook and enjoy free drinks. Guests are welcome to bring your own food/drink here. Relax and enjoy the view of our garden.

Public Lounge is open from 11:00-16:00 (Café Time) and 18:00-22:00 (Bar Time). Neighbors, passersby, guests - anyone is welcome here! People gather here to talk with each other.
To make a reservation, please check the calendar below and contact us through the inquiry form or by telephone. Please call us to make a last-minute reservation (on the day of/the day before check-in).
We take reservations up to 3 months in advance.
Please contact us if you wish to stay over 2 weeks or if you are a group larger than 4 people.
Phone: 049-214-1617
Inquiry Form

※Please select an inquiry or reservation

Number of guest
Room preference
First Choice
Second Choice
E-mail address
Phone number
Estimated time of arrival
Inquiry (your question etc.)

Mix Dormitory close
Private Room1
JapaneseStyle room
1 guest - 7,000 yen 2 guests - 9,000 yen 3 guests - 12,000 yen
Private Room2 bunkbed×2 1 guest - 7,000 yen 2 guests - 9,000 yen 3 guests - 12,000 yen 4 guests - 16,000 yen

MD:Mixed Dormitory, PR1:Private Room(JapaneseStyle)、PR2:Private Room(bunkbed×2) are available.

Cancellation Policy
Cancellation fee applies from 3 days prior to the check-in date. For example, if your scheduled check-in date is on November 9th, the cancellation fee will apply from November 6th.
From 3-1 day(s) prior to the check-in date - 50% of the total amount of the reservation.
Check-in date - 100% of the total amount of the reservation.
In case the group is larger than 4 people or reserving the entire Female Dormitory, cancellation fee will apply from 5 days prior to the check-in date.
If your scheduled check-in date is on November 9th, the cancellation fee will apply from November 4th.
From 5-3 days prior to the check-in date - 50% of the total amount of the reservation.
From 2 days prior to the check-in date onwards - 100% of the total amount of the reservation.
Check-in from 16:30
Check-out by 10:00
You can leave your luggage with us before check-in. Feel free to ask us.
Please note that the staff is available to assist you (inquiries by phone etc.) from 16:00 on the following day of the closed day.
Payment is accepted only in cash (when paid upon arrival).
1-14 Sankubocho, Kawagoe, Saitama - JAPANGoogle MAP
By Public Transportation
13 minute walk from Honkawagoe Station (Seibu-Shinjuku Line)
15 minute walk from Kawagoeshi Station (Tobu-Tojo Line)
25 minute walk from Kawagoe Station (JR/Tobu-Tojo Line)

Buses can be used from Kawagoe station and Honkawagoe station. 2 minute walk from “Matsuecho 2 Chome” bus stop.
By Car
There is no parking on the premises. There are two paid parking lots; one is in front of the house and the other is 100m from the house.
Daiei Park (in front of the house) – 500 yen/day (24 hrs) on weekdays, 1,000 yen/day (24 hrs) on weekends.
Rakuda Plaza Matsuecho (100m from the house) - 600 yen/day (24 hrs) on weekdays, 1,100 yen/day (24 hrs) on weekends. Overnight parking 200 yen/night (18:00-9:00)
Chabudai Chat
We are writing stories on daily happenings surrounding Chabudai as well as events held in our house
(in Japanese).


About Kawagoe
Kawagoe is a city in the western part of Saitama prefecture. Having a vast fields and mountains to its west, Kawagoe is actually in the heart of Saitama prefecture.
Kawagoe was one of the most important cities of Musashi-no-kuni (modern Tokyo, Saitama, and part of Kanagawa) from a long time ago, and it flourished in commerce due to the development of river transport during the Edo period.
Kawagoe survived repeated great fires. Through the experience and using the town of Edo (today’s Tokyo) as a model, it became a fire-resistant town. As a result, Kawagoe enjoys the combination of the historic warehouse district called Koedo (small Edo), beautiful buildings from Taisho period (1912~1925),
and new places.
Kawagoe’s local tutelary “Hikawa Shrine” offers various events including a wind chime festival
(known for love knots).
The Kawagoe Festival is held on the third weekend of October. This festival is full of excitement.
Many decorated floats parade down the streets. It is definitely worth seeing.
Kawagoe is such a lively town with so many visitors during the day, but it is quiet and calm in the mornings and evenings. Staying at Chabudai will give you a chance to see and feel another side of Kawagoe.
Our House
Our house has over 100 years of history. It was once a fertilizer wholesaler but for a long time no one was living in it. We rented one of the “Niken-Nagaya” (terraced houses in a row), and with a great help of many friends, we transformed it into a guesthouse. We tried to leave the structures as is, and we reused and recycled what was in the house. For example, old tatami mats were used as insulation inside the wall, the wooden boards in Doma (earthen floor) became the floor, etc. We held various workshops to insulate the house, floor, plaster, tile, install lights, etc. So many people helped us along the way.
In our house, you will find many stories and history such as an old telephone box, box-using stairs, a huge wooden ceiling, fertilizer wholesaler shop sign, etc. We asked a Shinto priest to come and enshrine God in our home shrine and two Inari (God of Harvest) shrines. Our house is also used as a gathering place and opens its doors to the public during the Kawagoe Festival. Chabudai has a patio/backyard. There will be exciting things happening there!
A small hut in the backyard is a studio/shop of crafted eyeglasses. Farther back, there is Mamazame Farm’s vegetable patch. We have built a wood deck for café time.
There are more exciting things on their way!
Chabudai was created in collaboration with so many people.
Design : coto Inc. (Akihiro Tanaka)
Harmony carpenter : Nagomi kenchikukoubou (Kouji Oshida)
Plaster : Hattori sakan (Yukio Hattori)
Facility・Electrical : coto Inc.

Over 150 friends and family members came and joined the workshops to help.
Thermal insulation / 80% Inc. Makito Araki
Flooring / tsumiki LLC. Nao Kono.
Plaster / Hattori sakan. Yukio Hattori.
Tile / TILEmade. Yukie Tamagawa.
Wooden deck / Nagomi kenchikukoubou. Kouji Oshida.